The Men's Guide To Wearing A T-Shirt In Style

It takes a lot to get the right fit for a t-shirt. Selecting a shirt that you love is not as simple as you might think. There are so many things to consider, from the fit of the shoulders to the length of the hem. This guide will help you select the ideal T-shirt style for your frame.

Fitted T-Shirts Accentuate Muscles

If your goal in selecting a T-shirt is to attract somebody special, a fitted shirt is a great choice. Fitted T's show off the muscles, especially broad shoulders. The trick is to find a shirt that accentuates without being skin-tight. You can tell that a shirt fits well when you raise your arms and there isn't a gap around the neck, but still allows you to move freely. 

Fabric needs to feel right for you to look right in it. 100% cotton is perfect because it allows you to breathe and stay cool or warm depending on the environmental circumstances. Steer clear of synthetic fabrics for the best results. Other natural materials are acceptable too, but you should always read the tag before making a decision.

Neck Line Makes a Difference

T-shirts come with a variety of neck styles to choose from. The crew neck shirt is a great frame for any neck. V-necks are very stylish and can be worn with both casual and formal styles of dress. You can even mix a nice V-neck T-shirt with a jacket. The round neck is perfect for a casual day out in shorts or similar trousers. While not the most stylish design, a round neck line is simply timeless.

T-Shirt Color Impacts Buying Choice

Certain colors look best with certain styles, fits, fabrics, and overall looks. For example, white T-shirts look fantastic on every skin tone, and they are so basic that they can be used in all forms. Gray accentuates the body, and black is versatile but fades easily. Plus, you can experiment with other colors like red, green, blue, coral, and more.

When you are building a wardrobe, there is a lot to consider. Even a simple T-shirt is not just a shirt anymore. You have to consider how you look in the shirt, not just how the shirt looks on a mannequin. Shopping online, you may have to be more creative in assessing the right style for your body. Fortunately, so many options available mean it is easy to find a shirt that you love.

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